Chin State Photo Story

Chin State Photo Story

way to mindat
To reach Chin state, the most practical way is to take a car from Bagan, the famous archealogical site in north Myanmar. The road is not well paved but full of scenic landscapes.

mountain panorama
Very often, visitors can enjoy the mountain vistas either with cloud-covered mountain or a lush valley tapsted by rice fields.

chin woman
The most impressive photo that attracts camera lens is the portraits of Chin women who has long-lost tradition of tattooing their faces. It is vanishing for modern generation so it is now the time to see them.

flute noose
Another speciality that Chin woman can demonstrate is their unique ability to play flute by noose.

There is certain effort to arrive at the village of Chin tribes with tattoo faces but it is really worthy !

One of the traditional customs which demonstrates the style of the mountainous people  in Chin state.

smoking tradition
Women in Chin state are free to smoke - it is a daily habbit for both man and women !

chin mountain
The trip/ adventure to Mindat or Chin State also bring you to Na Ma Taung national park, one of the richest biodiversty systems in the country.

chin state villageThe villages scatter from one mountain to another, there comes the cultural differences as well.

Photographers have chances to discover the hidden stories in Chin State not only through its mythical landscapes but also village huts like this !

hunting photos
In the remote areas of Mindat or Mountain Victoria, you still find local men hunting in the forest as part of their life.
Check out more stunning photos of Myanmar by Mr. Oz Goren through his album :

  Chin state is probably one of the most mysterious areas in Myanmar. The area boasts rugged mountains, picturesque valleys and diverse national park. It is alos home to Chin hill tribes who will surprise you for any visit to their villages.

Mr. Oz Goren, a dedicated photographer who are keen on capturing the less-visited parts of Myanmar has revealed his best shoots in Chin state through his trip in 2017

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