Top Tips for Travel Photography in Myanmar

Top Tips for Travel Photography in Myanmar


Make a good research

Successful photo workshop may come from stunning moment but most of them are the result of your preparation. Doing research for location, themes, local characters are essential to start your travel plan.

Our recommendation :
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Get the spontaneous adventures even they are not on your plan.

photo gears
                                                                                                                                     photo: Jakob Owens

Prepare Your Gears

List all the gears, lens, cameras that you really need for your shooting and pack them carefully. The reason is in case you forgot any of these items, it is hard to find the alternative in Myanmar. Although the camera suppliers are more available in the big cities but on the site, you can not buy it.

Get Local Touches

Human is one of the important elements that characterizes your photography. Burmese people in general are very friendly. Whether you meet them in the market or in their villages, you are mostly welcomed. This fact makes your travel more comfortable than you think.

Our photographer's tips :
Smile, get fun with local people as much as you can
Ask for photo before shooting though Myanmar people normally accept your action actomatically
Take time to read about Dos and Donts in Myanmar
  Myanmar is undoubted one of the most photogenic countries on earth. The country boasts variety of photogenic sources which differs from other destinations you have known. Whether you seek for photos to signify your skill or capture the uniqueness of Myanmar, these tips will be very useful for your photography travel

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Insider Travel Tips 

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